Gewoon haar?!

Iets wat ik totaal over het hoofd zag. De onnatuurlijke achtergrond van ‘Natural Hair’.

She touched Ifemelu’s hair: “Why don’t you have relaxer?”
“I like my hair the way God made it.”
“But how do you comb it? Hard to comb,” Aisha said.
Ifemelu had brought her own comb. She gently combed het hair, dense, soft and tightly coiled, until it framed het head like a halo. “It’s not hard to comb if you moisturise it properly,” she said, slipping into the coaxing tone of the proselytiser that she used whenever she was trying to convince other black women about the merits of wearing their hair natural.

Uit: Americanah; 12

The Good Hair-study


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